Our Skin Care journey- The Ordinary [3rd post]

So we are about 2 weeks or going into 2 weeks in on our new/updated skin care routine and I felt it was time for an update. I will link both prior postings at the bottom of this blog post if you’d like to see those along with the reviews from Stephanie Nicole and Gothamista linked within those postings.  To briefly go through the journey thus far I will add several very unflattering and definitely NOT professional grade images taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7.  I feel I should also toss in a disclaimer that I am in NO way a skin expert an aesthetician I am simply a huge fan of makeup and beauty.

I was hearing a few things on youtube about this brand Deciem {Parent company to The Ordinary} from different beauty gurus but especially a couple of my favorite no BS You Tube folks Wayne Goss and Stephanie Nicole.  Usually when Wayne Goss puts out a video it is succinct but full of VERY useful info (annnnd he’s not hard on the eyes either!).  He had spoken of one of the products that he has listed as Six Life Changing PRODUCTS THAT YOU NEED – NOW!!!!  I clicked as quickly as my pudgy fingers could on the link in his drop down.  Whew…a LOT of goodies but still I was a bit wary as I have gone down rabbit trails in skin care before with some pretty scary results.

To be honest I never really went out of my way to learn much about skin care.  When I was younger I figured washing my face twice daily was just fine.  No SPF, no toner, no moisturizer unless I was uncomfortable and then I might slap some lotion on my face if it was dry; which was rare unless I had chemically burned my face with acne treatments or wearing acne masks wayyyyy too often and for wayyyyy too long.  Yes, I am woman enough to admit that I was completely ignorant to skin care.  My mother was an Oil of Olay kind of woman.  She washed with soap and water and put OoO on her face twice daily.  The thin bottom line OoO.  But, I digress.  Some of my fondest memories of my Paternal grandma was of the smell of her Jergens night cream and cold cream as a cleanser.

My daughter and I had started a nightly ritual of doing our skin care together about 3 months ago but then it only consisted of Coral Reactives retinol cleanser and I had gotten Ash the moisturizer for acne prone skin.  I had gotten a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and had already in the last year been doing what I call light research into easy but targeted skin care.  I was using the good old standby OoO exfoliating cleanser that had come with another face cleanser brush (ProX I think) and using whatever day time moisturizer I had on hand but only when I thought I needed it.  I just couldn’t get it through my thick skull that my t zone was oily because my skin was dehydrated!  After watching another of my favorite makeup youtube gurus Nikkia Joy who is a gorgeous young thing from Australia; she also suffers from oily skin.  She wasn’t one of those gurus that shoved her ‘way’ down your throat.  She did however mention in her recent skincare video that she used Rosehip seed oil.  So off to amazon I go and order an organic, cold pressed rosehip seed oil.  I added that to my nightly ritual and the following month I ordered some plant derived squalane after watching a couple of videos on facial oils.  I bought my first bottle from Timeless on amazon.  It works beautifully and it is SO easy to add a few drops to your usual moisturizer.  It absorbs quickly and there is no smell that I can detect.

Fast forward to a month ago after reading, watching videos and researching The Ordinary I pulled the trigger and ordered a little over 150.00 from Beautylish I love beautylish.  They have amazing customer service AND they offer free shipping over 35.00 for the USA.  I think over 50.00 Internationally.  I only wish they carried more brands like Hourglass, Benefit and PUR.  But that’s another tangent for another day! They also have this beautiful thing they will do if you order 100.00 they will split the payments up in 1/3s.  Which was a Godsend for my very thin wallet.  If you’ve never ordered from Beautylish, go check them out at the least! They also carry Wayne Goss’ makeup brush line; exclusively I believe.

I am gonna stop here and share some of those pictures I mentioned early on in this post, the very unflattering ones? Yes, those.  I feel I am making this post entirely too long so I am gonna try and break this post up into a couple or 3 perhaps.  I will add more to it as time goes on.  I just really thought a true testament to a good skin care routine can make all the difference in the world.

Here is the Stephanie Nicole’s review of The Ordinary SkinCare line- 22 products

…and here is where I link Gothamista’s review in my 2nd blog post regarding skin care and The Ordinary.  The Ordinary- a Relatively new and AFFORDABLE skin care line Part 1

Interview with Brandon the owner of Deciem

I cringe even thinking about sharing these photos publically but here goes!


Those were from the next morning after my FIRST skincare ritual adding The Ordinary.  In my next post I will list what I am using and when.  Below and finally here are some before pictures of my 28 year old daughter’s skin around Christmas.  This was actually a ‘good’ skin day for her.  It is rare I can convince her to take photos but I am glad we have these.  One more post of pictures up close of her skin this AM.


These were taken this morning, she had done her morning routine and these are raw.  No filters, no retouching.

Next post I will go over in step by step detail what our skincare routine is.  My daughter is pretty severely disabled from a couple of conditions but she is a real trooper.  She does suffer from PCOS as well as fibro along with a handful of other conditions that has had her disabled since she was 15.  This last picture is amazing imo.  Her skin hasn’t looked this good in years.  See ya’ll next time!

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