My Review of The Chosen by JR Ward

BEWARE** Some spoilers are within this blog post**


I have been fiending for this book since I finished my last book from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series which was our 2nd trip into my man Rhage’s life.  Of course I have never been fond of these 2 characters throughout the lifetime of their roles in this series.  In fact I had a definite dislike for them BOTH.  Xcor attempted to have my Beloved Wrath, Son of Wrath and King of the race aka the last pure blood vampire assassinated & nearly succeeded too had is not been for Qhuinn.  But I digress. in this blog post I wrote a few months back in regards to The Chosen JR Ward- The Chosen an Excerpt!!! From EW! I explained that I know without a doubt that there are 2 authors who can take a completely ‘unlovable’ character and make them one of your absolute favorites.  Sherrilyn Kenyon has done this more than once and The Warden has as well.  I will try not to give to large a spoiler for this book but I WILL tell you this.  I have never in all of my years of reading EVER read a book and began a re-read within 24 hours.  There are definitely some real throat burning, eye tearing scenes in this book AND I DO have to say I feel that the ending was a bit rushed and a bit far fetched even for Paranormal romance standards and that may simply be because I feel we know these supporting characters so well it seems far fetched for them to react as they do.  Without giving too much away- The ending just seemed a bit tidy for such STRONG reactions from certain characters in the start of this book.  There are introductions to characters in this book as well that kind of has you heartbroken all over again from PAST books.  Some characters you wanna shake the ever loving crap out of but in the same breath want to hug them for the mental struggles they are going through as well.  Needless to say; if you are a BDB fan this book is an absolute must. We only see tiny snippets of some of my absolute favorites like Rhage and Z but definitely see a lot more of Wrath, Tohr, Blay and Qhuinn and my sweet Phury got a little more ink this go round.  I really missed him and I know it is impossible to have ALL of them play a huge role in each book but damnnnn! So that is my take on the latest BDB and I can TOTALLY see some of the Band of Bastards stepping into major roles coming up too! THAT I am really excited about as well.  If you will in the comments below tell me what YOU felt about this book and PLEASE if there are spoilers try and mark them so folks know in advance.

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