The Ordinary- a Relatively new and AFFORDABLE skin care line Part 1

This is Gothamista’s or aka Renee’s part 1 and 2 of her review and discussion of The Ordinary skin care line.  The Ordinary is under the umbrella of Deciem’s –  I have been doing heavy research of late into skin care, many of us can not afford 90.00 serums and forget the 200.00 moisturizer.  I recently turned 50 and have NOT been very kind to my skin.  So after researching this line and pulling the trigger yesterday and purchased a slew of their products.  I am sharing some informative videos and am gonna try to have the guts to share my own journey.  My routine has been to cleanse twice daily at night with my Mia 1 cleansing brush using a retinol cleanser, toner and rosemary oil, squalane and a heavier night time moisturizer with an eye cream…In the AM I use a micellar water, toner and squalane along with a daytime equate brand of moisturizer, I use a toner I made of Witch Hazel (no added alcohol) and Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s organic also known as ACV by this author from this point fwd) and recently started adding 5 drops of tea tree oil to my 6 ounce spray bottle of toner.  I am really excited to get started doing this.  I am sure there will be trial and error as I am learning finally at 50 how to care for my skin.  I hope those of you who read this and watch the videos learn something along the way as well.

Gothamista’s Part 1 Review of The Ordinary’s skin care

Gothamista’s review of The Ordinary skin care part 2

Gothamista’s Winter Night time routine- She uses some of The Ordinary’s skin care.

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