RFID Blocking Wallet

When I received this wallet my banking institution had not yet made the change to the chip on our cards. We just had gotten a letter stating that they would be slowly making this change with one card at a time in our 3 accounts, mine being the first. We have heard horror stories of theives simply walking past you in the mall and picking up your information to gain control of your bank account. While we have several things in place to help us when or if that should happen this wallet is a sure fire way to keep it from happening period. A few years ago I had bought something online, a vendor that didn’t use paypal…There were several unauthorized purchases made all over the world and Visa caught it before it got too out of control but of course it took months to get that mess straightened out. Thankfully my bank took care of me in the meantime but not everyone’s bank will do as Bank of America and Visa did for me. With this new technology I will not feel comfortable without having one of these RFID blocking wallets. I will have to purchase one of these for my daughter and find one for my husband as well. This wallet is made quite sturdy, it holds everything I need it to. It is not make of leather, which is a plus imo. It fits well in my purse, it seems to be more compact than my old wallet. I would repurchase and recommend to others.

Women’s RFID blocking wallet on Amazon


**I was given this wallet free or at a discount for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on written reviews for my purchases and it is my goal to provide that for others. My opinion is my own and is not swayed by discounted products or free products.**

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