My imaginary husband’s band: Stone Sour.

Yep, that’s right! Corey Taylor is my imaginary husband! Yes, my real husband is aware I have imaginary husbands (yes that is plural!) Man I love this band. Saw them live with Rhonda as well. Corey Taylor is a friggin mensa genius. I LOVE following him on Twitter too, he interacts with the fans on a level that reminds you of shooting the shit with your crew. He is SO not an elitist! My favorite memory of the show he did in Nashville that I got to see was him roaring to his fans “wanna chew through an engine block” and THAT was the kind of show you got with him. His vocal range imo can go from etherally caressing something as delicate as a soul to crushing it and reforming it into a newly born, invincible force that can AND will take on the world and win!

If you want to follow him on twitter he goes by @CoreyTaylorRock


Opinion is my own but images used are not.  Found on google images! lol I just love this image, so old school they are channeling the old barber shop groups, singing a capella.


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