JR Ward- The Chosen an Excerpt!!! From EW!

I gotta say, I am HYPED for this book! I am not finding the cover model overly attractive BUT sheesh, you can’t please everyone and too I build my own version of these characters in my mind anyway.  I’ve not modeled these characters after the covers rarely if EVER. #Rhage and #Wrath both have certain actors that always come to mind for me anyway.  #JasonMomoa and #ChrisHemsworth.  #Zsadist to me is #WentworthMiller, #BrockO’Hurn is #Phury. #Xhex is #RubyRose.  Oh I could go on and on but anyway, you catch my drift.

I wrote a response to this article but it has disappeared, I will TRY to remember what I said again >.<

There are 2 authors in my opinion that can take an unlovable, despised character and turn them into the one that owns your heart by the time you are done reading their story.  Sherrilyn Kenyon is one.  I despised @Styxx from her Dark Hunter series.  I wanted to throttle him.  By the time I finished Styxx he was one of my favorites.  @Acheron, his, and @Zarek’s books totally broke me down and I ugly cried.

 Look, I don’t cry.  Not for movies, books and hell sometimes my emotions are so blocked up I don’t cry at funerals.  Yeah, I think I may be broken…Anyhow.

Kenyon has another Series called The League.  Jullian was another one of those characters I could NOT stand! The last book in the series she published was Jullian’s book.  Yep, I ugly cried.  He is one of my favorites.  His story just crushed me.  So what I am getting at is that The Warden DEFINITELY can do this.  Hell, look at the following @Zsadist has.  Before his book he was about as unlovable as a character could be.  Hell, he was downright scary most of the time.  But you’d get that tiny glimmer occasionally in the books prior to his of what he could become.  Criminy, by the time I was done reading his book he was tied with Rhage for my utmost affections, you know book boyfriends and all 😉  So I can totally see Xcor becoming that even with his MAJOR faux pas of trying to kill Wrath and nearly succeeding.  Layla has always been a whiny, helpless, pain in the butt IMO.

During Selena’s and Trez’s book The Shadows without giving any spoilers let’s just say Layla REALLY pissed me off by not being where she SHOULD have been during a VERY heartbreaking and life altering moment.  So she’s really been on my shit list for awhile but that really made me dislike her a whole damn lot.  At anyrate, I knew when I saw this linky posted on my sister from another Mr. facebook I wanted to share this on my blog.  If you’ve not read the Black Dagger Brotherhood what in hell are you waiting for??!?! GO NOW! The first book is Dark Lover.  It starts off a little slow but my man Rhage’s book is #2.  Just go read the series, you’re Welcome!

Read the Excerpt HERE!!!


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