I happened upon this woman’s Twitter Account @ClothesPorn

She is a young entrepreneur and makeup addict like myself, after reading through some of her tweets and Wow, holy Crap at the giveaways she does! I felt like trying to spread the word on her twitter account and ESPECIALLY her store called  AcaciaLily.com

She has some of the cutest tattoo chokers and gorgeous crystal necklaces and if you are an iPhone user she has an AWESOME iPhone case that literally sticks to your mirror so you can watch makeup tutorials while you apply your makeup OR if you aren’t into that kind of thing it is perfect for other things too like music videos! OR Facetiming while you are getting ready, there are SO many awesome uses for this phone case.  I just wish she had it for Samsung users too.  Oh well, maybe one day Mei 😉

Anyhow here is her Twitter and I can only encourage you to add her and you’ll see what a sweetheart she is!


Here you can read her story!


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