TGS Gems Himalayan Salt Lamp with Wood Base

This item arrived on time and packaged VERY well! When I was unboxing the lamp I noticed that there were 3 extra bulbs in the corners of the packaging, so be careful that you don’t inadvertently throw those away. I received this lamp on July 20th and have had it set up on my bedside table ever since. I have been plagued with allergies for several years since moving here from a very hot and dry climate to one in the deep south where it stays very humid and hot, especially in summertime. We also have several pets in our home and their dander contributes to my allergies as well. I ran out of my allergy medication on the 25th and just chose to not refill it yet to see how well this lamp works for me. I have sneezed twice and not had the first problem with sinus issues which up until a year ago I kept a sinus infection and stayed congested in my head, even with taking an over the counter allergy medication in addition to my once daily Singulair. I can’t with complete certainty say that the lamp has brought about this miraculous occurrence BUT- I know now that I will always have a salt lamp running in my bedroom for as long as I live.

Now, about this lamp in particular I love the orangey color and the fact that it has a dimmer switch. At night I can adjust the dimmer for a night light and during the day turn it up brighter. It does come with a nice wooden base and a felt mat to protect your furniture. I was told by several different people that these lamps can corrode the metal workings inside but was also told if I left it on 24/7 it shouldn’t ‘sweat’ and it has not shown ANY dampness since I have had it. That being said, I would recommend either doing the same or making sure it is kept in a dry area and keep an eye on the lamp for corrosion. I am going to purchase more of these to put all through my home and will be adding them to my gift giving list this year.

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**I was provided a promotional discount or the item was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All of my opinions are my own and I am never monetarily compensated for doing reviews. I rely on others writing honest and unbiased reviews to make purchases and it is my goal to provide the same for others. **

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