Hapyia Bluetooth Receiver, Hands-Free Car Kit

We received this product earlier than was estimated due to it coming from overseas. It was packaged well and arrived unharmed. I am not one of the lucky ones that had a car with this option built in already. I had borrowed my sons car that had this option and LOVED it. It was super easy to set up and it just makes life so much easier because it automatically connects to your phone, just make sure your phone’s blue tooth is enabled. You can pair 2 phones to this. When we upgraded from an iPhone to a Samsung galaxy this year I was super excited because I had enough room on this phone to add audio books and music. I have really gotten spoiled to technology and the days of listening to a radio station seems to be a frustration with all of the talk and advertising. So I purchased several albums of new artists I have really been loving here lately and before taking off I just set my play list and I am set for the while trip. This also works as hands free for your calls through your phone. Making it a whole lot safer imo! The clarity is not Bose quality sound but there is no static, echoing or any problems with distortion of any kind. Based on these reasons I can gladly recommend this bluetooth receiver.

Buy it here on Amazon

**I was provided a promotional discount or the item was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All of my opinions are my own and I am never monetarily compensated for doing reviews. I rely on others writing honest and unbiased reviews to make purchases and it is my goal to provide the same for others. **

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