Miposaur, Interactive Dino Robot with video links!

We received this in the mail through Prime in 2 days, the package came in good shape and the product was protected well inside. I will add pictures and video at the end of my review. This is a Miposaur robotic toy that has an intelligence feature that reminds me of the furbys from the early 2000’s. The trackball is something the toy reacts to and you can train it with. You can ‘feed’ the toy as well and how and what you feed it drives how it’s personality is developed. “Feed it a steak and you have a fun loving dinosaur, if you feed it a sock approach at your own risk.” It has several different modes that are fun to activate, like beat boxing, dancing, it’ll play with the ball or treat the ball like it is its teddy bear, it’ll play chase with the ball too. It has different vocal sounds to come across as laughter, happy vocalizations, angry ones, sad or disappointed ones. There is an app you can download to your phone or tablet that gives you a lot of free games. It is also compatible with blue tooth enabled devices. There are new functions added for “enhanced value”. It can also be used for just direct drive control for younger players to enjoy.

The track ball requires 4 AAA batteries and the Miposaur itself requires 4 AA batteries. It does come with a warranty and it is suggested age of 8- 15 years but my 58 year old husband had a complete blast with it and in the video you can tell what the dogs thought of it.

Video of Dino Ball in Action on my facebook page

Amazon link

VIDEO of Miposaur in Action

**I was provided a promotional discount or the item was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All of my opinions are my own and I am never monetarily compensated for doing reviews. I rely on others writing honest and unbiased reviews to make purchases and it is my goal to provide the same for others. **

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