LED, Solar Powered Dragonfly lights

LED, Solar Powered Dragonfly lights

We received the dragonfly lights in the mail 9 days ago and have had time to give them a proper workout.  As soon as they came my daughter strung them on our deck railing and it was actually the next night before they could perform as it was nearly dark when they arrived.  We turned them on the next night and they were beautiful.  staying on all night long until after sunrise the next day with no fading.  We tried them on the blinking but we prefer the beautiful glow solidly.  they have been through storms, through blistering heat, windy conditions and they have performed wonderfully.  I am attaching pictures to show how they look tonight.  I absolutely LOVE that they are solar powered, meaning you can literally put them anywhere they will get sun and will come on automatically as darkness falls.  My very dearest friend loves dragonflies so I will be purchasing her a couple of sets for her candle and bath works shop she has named dragonflies hollow (she is in Oz 😉  ) We’ve had several family members and friends comment on them and be amazed that they have such a strong glow for a solar powered led light.  We’ve not always had the best luck with those.  I can recommend these to anyone and will continue to do so.



**I was given these lights or given a promotional discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, I rely on honest reviews to make my purchases and my goal is to provide the same for others.  I was not compensated monetarily nor do I promise a “good” review in exchange for products.

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