Beautiful Pearl Gray 1800 TC Microfiber Sheets by oXo

We received these on June 17th, I washed and dried them on high heat before we placed them on our bed.  These are a nice light weight, very soft and cool sheet set.  I had no trouble getting the fitted sheet to fit our really thick mattress.  These are NOT 1800 tc cotton sheets but they are 1800 tc microfiber sheets which makes them a little more slippery feeling but not that annoying way that satin sheets do.  I got mine in a beautiful pearl gray color and hubs and I really love them.  This set comes with 1 top sheet, 2 king size pillow cases and a fitted sheet.  They came packaged appropriately and had no smell to them at all until I ran them through the washer and dryer so now they smell like Downy lol.  I did not notice any difference between when they were brand new and after washing.  I did remove them immediately from the dryer and folded them until it was time to change the bed.  I am adding pictures to this review so you will see how they look before and after washing.  I also took a picture with my hand behind the top sheet to show the thinness of the sheets.  I have to say they are very comfortable but are kind of thin and I would probably on use them during warmer weather and go back to my flannel sheets in the late fall and winter.

1800 TC Microfiber Sheets

**I received these sheets at a promotional discount or for free in exchange for my review.  I am not compensated monetarily, nor do I promise a “good” review in exchange for products.  I rely on others honest reviews and it is my goal to do the same for others.**

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