Naked Nails Tool Review

This review is from: Finishing Touch Naked Nails Electronic Nail Care System, File/Buff and Shine Effortlessly (Health and Beauty)
I have problems with my grip and have neglected my nails but this little gadget really helps. My hubs who has had 3 strokes and the last one affected his dominant side so I suggested he use this as well and he had no problems at all operating it. This has also been a great use on my toenails. I love that it files, buffs and shines all in one tool. You do have to use 2 double A batteries and when you first turn the thing on you don’t think it is a strong enough motor to do what it needs to but if it were stronger it would burn you or tear your cuticles.

Comes with 6 heads
Easy to use
Easy on your hands
Not very loud
Heads last a long while (I’ve done my nails 3 times, hubs did his once and my daughters twice plus our pedicures for my daughter and myself!)
The buffer and shine really makes your nails smooth for better polish application
Unsure where to get replacement heads yet (Edit) This seller has refills now too! Linking below
So far I am loving this gadget and will contact seller or do more research to find where to purchase replacement heads and when i do I will update. I will also edit soon with a video to show how it works.

**I was given a promotional discount or given this product free in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. I rely on others reviews to make my purchases and it is my goal to provide the same for others. I am never paid any monies for writing reviews and all opinions are my own. I NEVER promise a certain rating in exchange for products and will not deal with sellers who ask for that.**

product link

Refills are 4.88 click here for those



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