Synthetic Kabuki brush set is a winner so far.

I am a beauty and makeup junkie! Brushes are just a wonderful part of that delicious world, I have brushes from most all of the big names and have paid a pretty price for many of my brushes. I am not gonna blow smoke up your bum and tell you these are as wonderful as my 75.00 Artis foundation/powder brush but I WILL say that these are as good and or better than some of my pricier brushes that I have purchased from a 3 letter makeup big hitter in the makeup industry that begins with an M and ends with a C. Your makeup game reaches a whole new level with the ‘right’ tools. This set is a complete makeup brush set. Really the only thing missing was a short kabuki brush, even at that there were other brushes in the set that could easily do the job of a short kabuki so truly if you buy this set you are getting a super nice one with everything you NEED plus a whole LOT of ‘wants’. There are a couple of foundation type brushes, a powder/blush brush, brushes that could be used for highlighting and contouring and several eyeshadow brushes including those to blend well, those to pack on pigment, those to carve out a gorgeous brow highlight and some for that killer crease and cut crease, a couple of liner brushes, lip brushes, 2 different fan brushes a small delicate one and a larger more substantial sized one, a brow spoolie, a brow brush and eye lash comb and MORE. This set comes in a nice travel case that has a slot for each individual brush, rolls up neatly and ties to hold everything in place and to take up less precious real estate in your travel bags. I really love the fact that they are synthetic so that means no animals were harmed in the making of these brushes. As far as longevity I can only say I have been using these a LOT and have replaced several of my holy grail brushes with these. I have not tossed my other brushes just in case these start doing something crazy but I can say I use cinema secrets to spot clean my brushes after each use and have deep cleaned them twice since I have had them with no real shedding problems or having them not bounce back to their proper shape after a good scrubbing with baby wash and a scrubby makeup brush egg. With my natural hair brushes I do have to condition with coconut oil or olive oil once monthly but since these are synthetic I do not foresee that being a problem. I DO hang my brushes upside down to dry and use my fingers to help reshape them to their original and normal shape.

**I did receive these makeup brushes at a promotional discount or free for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own and I am never monetarily compensated for my reviews. My receiving items for review does not hinge on writing high rated reviews. I rely on other peoples honest reviews to make purchases and it is my goal to provide that very same service for others.**

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