I have sensitive ears and normally can only wear 10 kt or better gold. Recently I had all of my nice earrings stolen so I had nothing aside from the everyday small gold hoops I wear on a daily basis. For dressier occasions I wanted something with a little more flash. I found if I wear earrings not 10 kt gold or better I need to take them off before going to bed. No wearing them for 24 hours. When these arrived they came in a nice gift giving box with a nice velveteen bag to store them in. I wore them several times without the larger 8 ct stones but on my dressier occasions I wore them with the larger stones. I happened to fall asleep with them in one night and had no issues, so either the platinum coating is ok for me to wear or I have lost the sensitivity to other metals in my earrings. These actually came with 2 other backings, one with the wider circle that you tend to wear when your earrings are on the larger side. The other was the normal silicone type backings. The smaller stones have kept their lustre even through showerings and head washings so I know they have had soap and water on them numerous times and there was no clouding of the stones nor was there any change in the metal finish. I have enjoyed wearing them several times and I had a pair about the same size only real diamonds that were stolen and my husband asked me if I had them hidden away and found them. They looked so much like the pair I had before. I took one star off because when they arrived I had to straighten one of the posts that was bent. I could fix it easy enough so I never contacted the seller about them. I would suggest their Quality Control maybe look a little closer to them, perhaps.

**I was given these earrings at a promotional discount or free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I rely on others writing honest and unbiased review for my purchases and put a lot of research into my purchases by reading several reviews on different platforms, one being amazon. It is my goal to provide that same service to others. I receive no monetary compensation for doing any reviews.**

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