Prefer Green

I recently had weight loss surgery (Feb 2016) and while at home I have a food scale, measuring cups and spoons but when leaving the house I needed a system that could be portable. I have used these in a two fold way. First, by packing my food in these containers I was assured I was getting the proper amount but also I’ve used the smaller containers to measure while I am out at a restaurant. For some reason without my measuring I will over eat and in turn cause stomach discomfort. When I had the VSG done my surgeon removed 85% of my stomach and made it roughly the shape and size of a small banana. So especially when eating out I have had trouble knowing when to “stop” with these I was able to measure a 1/4 cup and close the container up so there was no mess. There is also after I researched this item a 21 day diet that uses these measurements and from what I read these work as a tool wonderfully for that. The containers are color coded where it is easy to know what goes in where. Purple is fruits, green is veggies, red is protein, the two smallest containers are for like dressings and fats, the yellow is for carbs etc. They come with a small read out for directions and other information as I will show in pictures below. My ONLY concern with these particular containers is that you may have to really press hard to close these properly. I noticed after I used mine a few times they got a LOT easier to open and close. Still in my opinion very much worthy of the price listed. Also, these are NOT specifically for weight loss surgery patients. I want to make that clear as well. These are a tool to help you eat the right amount of the different food groups to assist you in losing weight even without the surgery. These are VERY convenient and I DO recommend them, I took one star off mainly because of the difficulty of opening and closing well but even that was not an issue after a few uses.
**I was given these at a promotional discount or free to use and write an honest and unbiased review. I am never compensated monetarily and never promise to give good or high ratings for a product I am sent to review. I rely on others reviews when making purchases and it is my goal to do the same for others.**

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