Celebright bug squishing fly swatters!

I am FOREVER losing my flyswatters. I know we end up purchasing 4 or 5 every summer. We have several dogs plus we live in the rural south so flies, mosquitoes and all kinds of crazy bugs seem to be every dang where as soon as it warms up a bit. I’ve gotten tired of the stupid wire swatters coming apart after the first couple of weeks too. When I was given the opportunity to review these 2 swatters for free I jumped at the chance. Once they came in I opened the box and handed one to my hubs and kept one for my downstairs space where I spend a lot of my waking hours. The handle is nice , smooth and strong enough to handle whacking at flying insects or crawling ones for that matter. We seem to have an influx of icky spiders this year and this swatter has done it’s fair share of spider squishing because my daughter is terribly afraid of them all MUST DIE! She is sure a spider is gonna eat her face off one day and let me say this before I go much further, this is my 27 year old daughter, not a child by any means… Anyhow, this is a nice blue, it washes off well with hot soapy water and the slots in the swatter are small enough to squish fruit flies and sturdy enough to be a ‘death dealer’ to the nefarious spider. There is not much more I can say about this flyswat aside from it is super convenient that they are sold on amazon and I didn’t have to remember to get one or two on my next wally world run.



**I was given these flyswatters for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on other folks writing honest and unbiased review in order for me to make a slightly informed decision regarding my own purchases so it is my goal to do the same for others. I am never compensated monetarily for writing reviews in fact I believe it is our responsibilities as consumers to write unbiased and honest reviews to help others make informed decisions on their purchases especially since we have moved to purchasing so much online.**

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