Sandalwood Essential Oil

When this came in the mail I was super excited as I have been doing some reading on essential oils.  I knew Sandalwood has a lot of great uses for acne, skin issues whether it is oily, combination or dry.  You can use it on your hair to leave a nice scent and give it a beautiful shine.  In a diffuser it has been touted to give you a sense of calm.  The label on this oil says it is 100% pure, I am NO expert about essential oils by FAR but it does not smell as spicy or woodsy as I remember smelling in perfume or incense that supposedly had sandalwood in it.  I DO love the scent but it is VERY strong so a little goes a long way.  This comes in an amber bottle with a glass dropper.  I HAVE tried it by dropping 3=4 drops in my hands and rubbing them together to warm and spread the oil and ran my hands and fingers through damp hair before I style or let air dry.  It left a nice scent and left my hair soft and with a nice shine.  I color my hair so adding this to my daily hair regimen should help in keeping it as healthy as possible.  I’ve not tried it on my face but did add a few drops to a small container of coconut oil and mixed well to rub on my heels, elbows and knees after showering and to moisturize my legs after shaving.  I HAVE noted that along with exfoliating those rougher dry areas and using this combination my elbows, knees and heels are MUCH softer.   There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee when buying this essential oil, this oil is cruelty free and that means a lot to me and my family.


First Botany Cosmeceuticals Sandalwood Essential Oil

 **I received this item with a promotional discount or free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review, I rely on others writing honest reviews to make informed choices in my purchases and it is my goal to do the same for others.  I receive no monetary compensation for writing these reviews and NEVER promise a certain amount of stars or a good rating in exchange for these products**

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