Awesome Punisher skull zipper pulls


zipper pulls

These zipper pulls are awesome! I have been looking for something to help my very proud Veteran husband who has had 3 strokes be more independant and not have to struggle with using his non dominant hand to work on those small zipper pulls.  The cording is very strong, it has withstood him pulling on the quite frequently on some of his windbreakers, a pocket that holds his wallet on his track pants and I’ve added them to a couple of more things like a hoodie that has a zip at the chest, because he loves the look of this design he isn’t opposed to them being ANYwhere which is a huge plus in my book.  I’ve washed a couple of his windbreakers and track pants with these pulls on them and there has been no change in appearance or any fraying or weakening of the cording.  I have sent the link to these to a few of our friends and family because they just like the look of these.  The set includes 10 of the pulls which covers several items for him and when we run out and need more I will not hesitate to repurchase.

Punisher skull Zipper Pulls (10)

 **I received this item  for review for a promotional discount or free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review, I rely on reviews to make decisions on my own purchases and it is my goal to provide the same.  I am never monetarily compensated and never promise a high review in exchange for items**

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