Sweet Silence?

Sadly not for me, I was very excited to get a chance to try these as I have been on a cpap for years and had weight loss surgery in February of this year so I was really hoping to be able to not have to use a cpap any longer. While this did not work for ME when I used it I found it was due to my breathing being blocked in another place other than my nostrils. I firmly believe that had it been my nostrils or a deviated septum that was causing my snoring and blockage I would be cpap free! They do take some getting used to but were comfortable enough by the 2nd night that I didn’t have a problem falling asleep with them in. For someone with just basic snoring issues these would probably be a Godsend! I did try them for 5 nights in a row along with my Cpap aside from one night without the cpap. I could tell when I woke I had not rested well the night before and I had a headache. However, my husband reported I didn’t snore as much and WAS much quieter when I DID snore. Here is a list of Pros and Cons below.

You can see them here on amazon
Several different sizes to choose from
Easy to clean material
If not a perfect fit or uncomfortable you can easily use a fingernail file to shape ends

Plastic smell (I sprayed them with vinegar and water and let sit in the window in the sun for a day and that took care of the plastic smell)

** I was offered these for a discount or free for an honest and unbiased review. I rely on reviews when making purchases so it is my goal to do my part by writing honest and unbiased reviews. I am retired and have the free time to do so and do not make anything monetarily for doing so. **


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