Welcome to Plush Penelope  This blog may seem like there is no rhyme or reason but this is how it happens in my life.  Reviews, Food, Music, Cooking, Healthy living, Dogs, Pugs, Pets, Books, Makeup and all things beauty…There might even be the rare poetry written by myself unless otherwise credited.  Mostly it is my own personal little space to do what ever catches my fancy.

Help My Sweet Sophie get the surgery she needs so badly


https://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser-widget.aspx?frid=675382To reach me you can email me at trinity_dm67@hotmail.com and in the subject line in all caps BLOG CONTACT please and I will try to get back with you within 48 hours. Of course I must warn you that there will be copious amounts of pictures of my furbabies.  Below are a handful of pictures from when Sophie and Amelia were about 8 months old…Awww, I sure miss those puppy days.

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This blog is a new endeavor for me.  I am 49 years old, retired, a full time stay at home mommy to a pack of 4 legged children, a happy wife of one crotchety former Marine and mama to 2 adult children who are 29 and 27 and I am just trying to make sense of this newish existence after working since I was 15.  I am writing reviews, reading books, trying to get ALL the makeup and beauty products I can get my hands on.  I enjoy loud, sweaty, abrasive, nasty, growly metal and I refuse to grow out of it.  Some of the best times I have ever had has been a music festivals and concerts.  I am fully devoted to my pug babies, family and husband and hope to share some things on this blog that may interest someone else.  I also enjoy crafting of all kinds including machine embroidery, some sewing, painting and making things with my cameo.  I will most likely post things about those things too! My contact info is trinity_dm67@hotmail.com


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